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Breaking Down the Bears 2019 Schedule & Early Predictions

Finally! After a ton of anticipation, the 2019 regular season is here for the Chicago Bears. Football is almost here! Well, kind of.


After a ton of anticipation, the 2019 regular season is here for the Chicago Bears. Football is almost here! Well, kind of. The draft is around the corner and now everyone can fire up Madden and play out some of the games that will take place in 2019.

Before I get into the schedule, I want to give credit where credit is OVERDUE. Bill Zimmerman an executive producer for MadDogRadio and Bears expert, was breaking the Bears schedule before anyone had it. Make sure you give him a follow for more fantastic Bears content: @ZimmermanSXM .

Thanks, Bill!

Now back to business.

If there was one way to describe the Bears schedule…it would be tough in spurts. Two out of their first three games are on the road. Then we have another stretch in October-November where the Bears play the Saints, Chargers, and Eagles, who were all playoff teams in 2018.

The last four games are the season are also tough. They play the Cowboys and Chiefs at home. Then they have two, tough division games on the road against the Packers and Vikings. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time the Bears had to go to GB that late in the year. It’s a nice change, but tough nonetheless.

Here are the toughest parts of the Bears schedule, at least to me.

Weeks (1-3) 

Weeks (7-9) 

Weeks (14-17) 

Now, time for everyone’s favorite game – predicting the Bears’ record four months before the season starts.

Week 1: vs. Packers 

There is going to be a lot of energy in the Bears’ home opener this year. It’s the 100th year of the franchise and NFL. Oh yeah, the Packers are also in town. Talk about a great way to start the season. I believe in karma and I think the Bears will want to avenge their week one loss last year against the Packers. The football gods will be on their side.

Score: Bears 24 Packers 14 

Week 2: @ Broncos

This stat makes me feel a bit nervous about the Bears chances. That and the fact Vic Fangio knows the Bears pretty well.

This game is going to be close. The last time the Bears were in Denver, Tim Tebow happened. Now, the Broncos have Joe Flacco. History says the Broncos will win this game, and for now, I agree.

Score: Broncos 17 Bears 16 

Week 3: @ Redskins 

Monday Night Football. The only time the Bears will appear on it in 2019 will be week three in Washington. There’s nothing special about the Redskins, who will be vulnerable at the quarterback position. This should be a big, big game for the defense.

Score: Bears 31 Redskins 13 

Week 4: vs. Vikings 

Short week coming off of MNF, but the Bears return home instead of going on the road. The Vikings still have Kirk Cousins at QB right? Right, Bears get the win at home. Trubisky will have more success in 2019 against the Vikings’ defense.

Score: Bears 27 Vikings 21 

Week 5: @ Raiders (London) 

I haven’t decided if the game being played in London is a good or bad thing for the Bears. Mack is going to be fired up to play against the coach and team that decided to trade him. That reason alone is enough for me to pick the Bears in this one. This game will also be a nice experience for the Bears, it will be a Super Bowl-like atmosphere.

Score: Bears 28 Raiders 23

Bye Week Record: 3-1  

Listen to “Ep. 6 – Running Backs w/Jonathan Wood” on Spreaker.

Week 7: vs. Saints 

In the Sean Payton and Drew Brees era, the Bears have dominated the Saints at Soldier Field for the most part. On grass, the Saints will be a little bit slower, meaning the Bears’ defense will be able to get to Brees and slowdown Kamara.

Score: Bears 31 Saints 27

Week 8: vs. Chargers 

West coast teams traveling to Chicago usually struggle a bit. However, the weather isn’t going to be very cold, yet. The Chargers are going to be tough on defense, but the Bears will find a way to pull out a win at home. Maybe, on a Robbie Gould field goal? (Suck it, Jon Lynch).

Score: Bears 23 Chargers 21 

Week 9: @ Eagles 

Like last year’s Wild Card game, the Bears will struggle a bit against the Eagles. The good news is Carson Wentz, not Nick Foles will be the Eagles’ QB, barring an injury of course. I want to pick the Bears, but I think the Eagles again get the best of the Bears at home.

Score: Eagles 21 Bears 20 

Week 10: vs. Lions 

At home, the Bears’ roster is far too good to lose to the Lions. Trubisky will throw at least four TDs and the Bears will cruise to a win.

Score: Bears 34 Lions 20 

Week 11: @ Rams 

The Rams can be exposed. Matt Nagy and the Bears proved that last season. The addition of Eric Weddle is huge, but in LA, where Bears fans will come very close to outnumbering Rams fans, Trubisky will prove he has more to offer than Goff.

Score: Bears 32 Rams 28 

Week 12: vs. Giants 

The loss against the Giants last year cost the Bears a first-round bye. In another revenge game, Akiem Hicks will score not one, but two TDs from the one-yard line to seal a Bears win in a cold Soldier Field.

Score: Bears 27 Giants 14 

Week 13: @ Lions 

Classic trap game for the Bears here. This game will be close and for now, I’m picking the Lions to win this one. I know, I know, but the Bears are going to lose sometime right? Under Nagy though, the Bears seem motivated to win on the national stage. Keep in mind weird things tend to happen on a short week, one of those things may be a Lions’ win.

Score: Lions 24 Bears 21 

Week 14: vs. Cowboys 

December football in Chicago means cold weather. That’s not good news for the Cowboys, who will struggle to play outside of Jerry World. Give me the Bears at home, on Thursday night on national TV.

Score: Bears 28 Cowboys 23 

Week 15: @ Packers 

Aaron Rodgers is still good, meaning the Packers will beat the Bears one time in 2019.

Score: Packers 27 Bears 26

Week 16: vs. Chiefs 

This is a game I would love to go to, especially if the Bears are still fighting for a playoff spot or seeding. Andy Reid vs. Matt Nagy – Trubisky vs. Mahomes. BUCKLE UP.

Score: Bears 36 Chiefs 35 

Week 17: @ Vikings 

As bad as captain Kirk can be at times, the Vikings are very tough to beat at home. The Bears will also rest their starters because they will have a first-round bye :).

Score: Vikings 23 Bears 21 

Final Record: 11-5 

Nick is the editor-in-chief at & owner of He also is a fantasy sports junkie, DFS player, and prop play guru. For more fun, follow him on Twitter @PetroTLS

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Nick is the editor-in-chief at & owner of He also is a fantasy sports junkie, DFS player, and prop play guru. He considers himself a football expert but dabbles in a bit of everything, including trying to sell his own "soul" on eBay. For more fun, follow him on Twitter @PetroTLS. 

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