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Would It Be Wise for the Bulls to Trade for Lonzo Ball?

Should the Bulls explore a trade for Lonzo Ball? Jalen answers that here and determines what it would take to land the point guard.

After the Draft Lottery results were revealed, Chicago’s front office found themselves in a difficult situation. That being, falling three spots and being placed as the seventh overall pick as opposed the fourth in the 2019 NBA draft after an abysmal, eye-gauging season in which the Bulls believed would pay off in a top three pick.

As we should expect by now–things don’t come easy for Chicago.

Possessing the seventh pick altered management’s plans and shifted their approach to the draft. Instead of drafting best available the Bulls will draft strictly based on positional needs, as said by Bulls VP John Paxson.

Can you guess which position that may be?

Yep! You guessed it, a point guard.

Chicago struggled mightily in the half court last season and couldn’t find any consistency behind point guard Kris Dunn, who many believe has reached his peak and plateaued. The front offices frustration with Dunn is relatively known, and although they still believe in his abilities, they need to look elsewhere for a new starting guard.

Being placed outside the top three leaves out drafting the electrifying guard in Ja Morant out of Murray State. Point guards more in range of Chicago are Coby White and Darius Garland (which is highly unlikely).

White and Garland are great for a franchise that is growing and developing players. The only issue is that the Bulls need results now and fast. And these two players currently don’t posses the talent that Chicago needs to at least contend for the playoffs in the upcoming season.

Year three of rebuilds aren’t necessarily the year that teams completely come together and become threats in their conferences. But in Chicago’s case it should be and the Gar/Pax show has gone on far too long with very little resolve.

A quick solution to their past misfortune would be to add 6’6″ guard Lonzo Ball to an already talented starting lineup.

Ball is an elite playmaker, high-level defender, and extremely gifted rebounder for his position. He can run the half court offense and won’t take away shots from the starting lineup due to his pass-first nature.

For Los Angeles, Ball entered a full on rebuild and was forced to play outside his game which resulted in very low shooting percentages and costly errors. In Chicago it would be completely different. The Bulls posses a playoff caliber lineup with Ball inserted with the starters. Ball wouldn’t be asked to do too much outside of defending and creating plays for his teammates.

Now, this sounds great for Chicago but do they posses enough trade pieces to make this arrangement happen.

Simply trading Dunn and the seventh overall pick in a weak draft class isn’t enough. The only way for this deal to go down is to add a third party, with that third party being the New Orleans Pelicans.

Chicago Tribune’s K.C Johnson suggested earlier in May that Chicago wanted to add Ball to their promising core of young players. And this bodes well for Chicago, only if it means the Lakers can land Anthony Davis in a three-way trade.

Davis has been trying to force his way out of New Orleans for some time now even with the potential pairing of Zion Williamson. He currently has his eyes set on one team and that team is the Los Angeles Lakers.

The deal would contain a numerous amount of players such as: Lonzo Ball, Kris Dunn, Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Moritz Wagner, the Bulls No. 7 pick, the Lakers No. 4 pick, and most likely future first-rounders from the two clubs.

A vast deal that would shake up the NBA.

All the reasoning is there for these teams to each pursue this trade, but will any of them have the guts to pull the trigger in order to steer their franchises in the right direction?

If the trade is made then the Bulls will automatically become one of the best, most exciting, young teams in the NBA, that would most likely secure a playoff spot next season.

Let’s hope management can get this done because Lonzo Ball is a stud.

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