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All Signs Point to Bulls Trading Number Seven Pick

Lately, it seems more likely that the Bulls will not be keeping the seventh pick. Katy takes a look at what options are available for the Bulls.

As other NBA teams are hosting top draft prospects at workouts, the Chicago Bulls have been unusually quiet.

The only top prospect to make an appearance has been Jarrett Culver, who posted a shot of the Bulls practice facility on his Instagram story, but he was not included in the team’s official workouts that¬†day.¬†As¬†of Tuesday, the Bulls have yet to host an official open workout for any player projected to be taken in the top ten of this year’s draft.¬†

Instead, they have hosted a multitude of projected second round players, most notably¬†including Texas Tech’s Matt Mooney and Michigan’s Jordan Poole. All of the players they’ve hosted so far could be top possibilities for their second round draft pick at 38.

But with less than 10 days remaining until the draft, why work out players for the second round pick before the first? Considering the talent that will be still be available at seven, it seems that there’s a more complicated plan brewing within the Bulls organization involving the number seven pick.

Whether they’re trading up or trading out of the first round completely, the Bulls don’t seem to be planning on holding on to their first round pick.

One scenario is that the Bulls are planning on trading down, but none of the players that the Bulls have worked out thus far are expected to be taken anywhere in the first round. 

Another scenario is that the Bulls are attempting to trade up so high that they don’t need to see prospective picks in workouts. The top three picks in the draft aren’t very debatable and since the team hasn’t worked out any top picks, they could be targeting a trade for one of the top three.

If they are targeting a top-three pick, the Bulls would have to move at least one key asset to get there. Lauri Markkanen, Zach LaVine, Wendell Carter, Otto Porter, and Kris Dunn would all be on the chopping block.

The final, and possibly most realistic, trade scenario is that the Bulls are planning on trading out of the first round completely. Combining the number seven pick with an expiring asset, such as Dunn, or a bench player could bring a great starter in return.

The Bulls’ most important need at the moment is a starting point guard, which they could target through trade. One¬†possible name is Lonzo Ball, who the Bulls have been linked to recently.

If the Bulls are planning on keeping the number seven pick, they are either already convinced that Culver is their choice or they have given a draft promise to another player that already impressed them at the Draft Combine.

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