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Chicago Bears in Madden 20: Did EA Get it Right?

Bears Writer Charlie Smith has some complaints about the ratings.

We are quickly approaching the end of July and that means not only is training camp right around the corner, but so is the yearly release of Madden. Say what you will about the game and how nothing really changes each year, it is the top NFL video game available and that is not going to change anytime soon. Now with the official release date being August 3rd, EA has released their full player ratings to the public. 

The release of Madden ratings is always a big story and no one is ever satisfied. Every year, there are plenty of ratings that make sense to us and others that leave us scratching our heads. The Bears have a handful of these, for sure.

Before we jump in, I will say that EA has changed the ratings system this year; they tried to really separate the elite from the everyday starters. That is the main reason for some of the huge gaps in players’ ratings. With that being said, let’s take a deeper look at some of the ratings of the Chicago Bears in this years Madden 20.

Yeah, That Makes Sense 

Khalil Mack, Left Outside Linebacker, 99 overall 

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Mack is deservedly a 99 and is a man amongst boys in the NFL. HIs 99 rating was revealed as part of a sequence of revealing the only four 99s in the game over the past week. He joins Aaron Donald, Bobby Wagner and DeAndre Hopkins as the games best players.

Mack will definitely be a force to be reckoned with 97 power moves, 95 pursuit, 94 tackle, and 94 jumping. He also has 87 speed in the game, which is faster than many running backs. There is little to dispute here – Mack dominates the league on Sundays and will also be dominating as you control him on the sticks. 

Eddie Jackson, Free Safety, 91 overall 

The second-year man out of Alabama enters Madden 20 as the second-highest ranked free safety, behind only Earl Thomas of the Baltimore Ravens. He exploded in his second season a year ago, flying all over the field and taking it back for six nearly every damn time he touched the ball. One my favorite stats is the fact that Jackson has more touchdowns than the receivers drafted in the first round three years ago.

He does everything you look for in a free safety at an elite level and that will correlate to the video game this year. He has 96 zone coverage, 91 play recognition, 93 awareness and 88 speed. Add in 78 catching and you have the epitome of a ball-hawking center fielder on defense. 

Tarik Cohen, Running Back, 85 overall 

Cohen has emerged as one of the more lethal weapons in the NFL, especially being utilized by such a crafty coach in Matt Nagy. Cohen can lineup anywhere on the field and his Madden ratings illustrate just that. He will be the first to tell you that his 92 speed rating is not high enough at all, but it is respectable. Pair that with his 97 agility, 95 juke and 90 spin move and he will be a nightmare to tackle in the open field. He may not be an every-down back with only a 78 carrying rating, but Cohen is exactly what Madden players love: a fast, shifty guy who will be a blast to control and make their opponent look foolish. 

I Mean, I Guess?

Trey Burton, Tight End, 87 Overall 

Bears fans will not be mad at this at all, but we still have to ask how the hell it happened.

Burton received a lot of heat after missing their playoff game a season ago with a groin injury that came out of nowhere, and many questioned his toughness after the end of the season. However, he comes into Madden 20 as the fourth-best player on the Bears, which is insane. He will take the field in the video game with 86 speed, 88 catching, 80 catch in traffic, and 77 run blocking, plus a 95 injury rating which is slightly debatable. Again, we’ll take a solid rating on a player that might not deserve it just yet. 

David Montgomery, Running Back, 71 Overall 

If you have ever played Madden and been excited about your favorite rookie being in the game, then you know the disappointment when ratings are released. The guys over at EA are never ones to just hand out quality ratings because a guy was good in college.

That is definitely the case here with Montgomery. He was highly productive in college and some say he was the best back in the draft, but all of that has gotten him a lousy 71 overall in the game. 84 speed is not going to help you break off any long runs, that is for sure, and his 84 juke move, 80 spin move and 72 stiff arm are all just “eh” ratings. He’ll be a guy who won’t be a huge weapon to start the season, but should see his ratings go up dramatically in the weekly updates. 

That is Just Flat Out Disrespectful

Mitchell Trubisky, Quarterback, 75 Overall 

I get it. he didn’t light up the league and throw 50 touchdowns last season. I get it, he didn’t make some pretty simple throws at times. And I get it, Nagy is a mastermind and was scheming guys open a lot for him. With all this being said, Trubisky opening the season at 75 overall is inexplicable.

Unfortunately, it gets worse Bears fans, as Lamar Jackson is rated higher than Trubisky. Yes, the same Jackson who ran an offense right out of the 1940s in Baltimore a year ago. Jackson is electric with his feet, don’t get me wrong, but Trubisky is throwing circles around him and there is no debate there. The Bears’ signal-caller did get some love for his feet with an 84 speed rating, but his throwing stats are just average. He has 88 throw power to go with 85 short accuracy, 79 medium and 80 deep. Trubisky will need to prove everyone wrong this season to see his ratings increase. 

Akiem Hicks, Left End, 87 Overall

Another Madden, another snub for Hicks. Similarly to real life, Hicks is widely underrated in the game. There is no reason why he should not at least be in the 90s, as he has dominated the middle of this Bears defense for three consecutive years now. Even though his overall is less than what we would like to see, he has some pretty solid stats. Hicks enters Madden 20 with 95 awareness, 91 block shedding and 88 power moves. He will still be a force in the middle, but what more does this man have to do to get some love from EA?

We should also talk about his 38 truck. Nagy has shown he is not afraid to hand the ball off to Hicks on the goaline and let him bulldoze his way in. Hopefully we’ll be able to sub him into some offensive packages in the game to let out our frustration on opposing defenses for his low overall rating. 

The Bears should be a fun team to use in Madden this year as they are pretty balanced across the board. If they can put together another year like last year, then we should see some of these average ratings move closer to the elite spectrum. 


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