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Trubisky’s Improvement, Robinson’s Dominance Highlight the Start of Training Camp

Bears Writer Dan DeYoung gives his thoughts on two important developments.

Certain observations at practice stick out more than others, but nothing at training camp stuck out more than the play of Allen Robinson. After a solid season in which Robinson appeared to improve with each and every game, the former Jaguar came to Bourbonnais and put on a show for Bears fans.

It seems as though Robinson is picking up right where he left off in his final game of the 2018 season, the Wild Card game against Philadelphia. Robinson dominated the second half, making a touchdown grab to take the lead in the fourth and the catch that put them in the position to win the game with a field goal.

We don’t need to discuss what happened after that.

The last true number one wide receiver the Chicago Bears had in town was Alshon Jeffery, and he best part of Jeffery’s game is his “go up and get it” style. Allen Robinson is skilled at that as well, but it’s not his true best strength. The best part of his game is the short and medium routes. Whether it’s a slant, in, out, hitch, comeback, or other routes within the Matt Nagy offense, Robinson is extremely effective. He has been creating an ample amount of separation throughout camp, and turning that separation into yards after catch.

This a perfect way to get into the next segment, which is on Mitchell Trubisky‘s start. There have been some mixed reviews on his start to camp. Trubisky has undoubtedly been a better quarterback at this year’s training camp over last year, and the biggest reason why is the short and medium routes.

Trubisky has seen a vast improvement in hitting these routes in comparison to last year’s training camp. The misses on short and medium tosses have been far and few between each other, which is an upgrade over last year.

His game hasn’t been perfect so far, as he has had one inconsistency that needs to see improvement: the deeper passes.The way he’s missed them, however, has been different than in 2018. Last season, Trubisky was putting a little too much juice on his passes, and they’d sail past the wide receiver. What we are seeing at this training camp more consistently is underthrows.

I discussed this with writer Johnathan Wood from Da Bears Blog. It has been odd to see the underthrows rather than the overthrows.

The underthrows he has had have not been by much, as his receivers have been routinely able to adjust and complete the catch. That being said, this is still something that needs to improve.

The main takeaway is that Trubisky has been very good when he is throwing bullet passes, but not so good when he is attempting to throw a lob or add some touch to a pass. This is where he missed his receivers.

The good news is that this is something that should improve as training camp goes on.

At the beginning of training camp, you want to see from a quarterback consistency on the easier throws first. This is something Trubisky did not have the last camp, but he has this camp. After that is when you want to get the deep and tougher throws working good.

The reason that this comes later is it just takes some time for quarterbacks to get used to throwing those lobs to receivers again. The lob adds a lot more to consider in the throw, and then you add that to not being used to wide receivers that have all different sizes and speeds, it usually takes some time.

It’s early in camp, so lots of things can change. It is evident, though, that Matt Nagy is seeing an improved version of his quarterback during his second go-around with Trubisky.


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