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Chicago Bears: 2019 Regular Season Game-by-Game Predictions

Football is back today.

Here, members of The Loop Sports’ staff give their predictions for the 2019 Chicago Bears season.

Game Nick Petro Jack Soble Jarod Blankenship Charlie Smith Dan DeYoung Alex Burdelik James Fox
Packers W W W W W W W
@Broncos W L W W L W L
@Redskins W W W W W W W
Vikings W W W W W W W
@Raiders (London) W W W W W W W
Saints L L L L W L W
Chargers W W W W L W W
@Eagles L L W W W W L
Lions W W W W W W W
@Rams L W L W W W W
Giants W W W W W W W
@Lions W W W W L W L
Cowboys W W W W W L W
@Packers L W W L W W W
Chiefs W L W L W W W
@Vikings L W L W L L W
Final Record 11-5 12-4 13-3 13-3 12-4 13-3 13-3

The Bears are one of the most talented teams in the NFL. They went 12-4 last year and I see no reason they do worse in 2019. They’ll stumble a bit in the early going, but their only second-half

loss will be a back-and-forth thriller against the Chiefs – a game that may serve as a preview of what’s to come.

-Jack Soble


I feel as though the Bears had a relatively easy schedule during the first quarter of the season so I have them going undefeated into their bye week. I feel like that is going against them when they face the Saints and that caused them to lose. I know the Bears are not going to lose to the Eagles this year and I believe that starts a little bit of a run for them, allowing them to go 8-2 in their last 10 games. For the record, the only reason I see them losing to the Vikings is that they’re resting their starters for the postseason.



As a 26 year old life-long Bears fan, I have never been as excited for a season as I am about this one. This team is one of the most talented in the league and is a true Super Bowl contender. As I went through their schedule, it was honestly tough for me to pick losses because I just don’t see a large number in that column this season. However, we all know any given team can win on any given Sunday so there are sure to be some hiccups. I decided that those hiccups can only come from teams with elite quarterback play which is why I have the Bears losing three games to Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes in 2019. The Bears should be in every game they play this year and Trubisky will definitely grow from last year, but I’ll take those veterans and the ridiculous offense of Kansas City in three close losses. 

-Charlie Smith


I understand that 13-3 is a big ask from the Bears with the difficulty of their schedule, but I think they can do it. I don’t want to call the first five games must win, but its the easiest part of the schedule and they need to capitalize on that. A tough home loss to the Saints after the bye brings them to a cool 5-1 record. Drew Brees is the main reason the Bears lose this game. I see them playing with a chip on their shoulder the rest of the season after their first loss. They win tough games against the Chargers, Eagles, Rams, and Cowboys but eventually fall to the reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes and his Chiefs. I see them closing out the season with a loss to the Vikings while having most the starters playing limited snaps to rest them for the playoffs. I see it Turning into a great season for the Chicago Bears and hopefully sets them up for success in the playoffs.

-Alex Burdelik


This Chicago Bears football team is going to be one of the most talented in the league. I believe that this will be a very successful season, and I can see an argument for the Bears winning every one of these games. The Bears are going to lose a couple, and they are honestly going to lose when they don’t play well, so a season-long prediction is rather random. I still believe that they win the division but this is a year where every team in the division will be a tough win for them, even the Lions. 

-Dan TE1 DeYoung

Death, taxes, the Bears going 13-3 

-James Fox

Trubisky lights the league on fire and is in discussion for the MVP award. Khalil Mack breaks the sack record and I ended up selling my soul to go to the Super Bowl in Miami. 

-Nick P.


Nick is the editor-in-chief at He is also a Chicago Sports fanatic, avid sports bettor, fantasy sports nut, and totally didn’t try to sell his soul on eBay (which he’s still waiting to get back by the way). For more fun, follow him on Twitter @PetroTLS



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