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Do you love Chicago Sports? Let me rephrase that, Do you love Chicago Sports, but want your sports coverage to be strong editorial analysis, driven by facts, opinion and statistics? Can’t stand fluff, gimmicks and click bait? The Loop Sports

If so, this is the place for you! The Loop Sports is a new Chicago area sports site, free of gimmicky, click bait type articles that draw you in only to leave you desiring more.

The Loop Sports was designed to bring you coverage of your favorite sports teams from the Chicago-land area including, the White Sox, Cubs, Blackhawks, Bulls and Bears and even some of the Chicago-land NCAA programs.

The goal at The Loop Sports is to give you the coverage of your sports teams, purely driven by analysis and opinion supported by statistics and facts.

Having worked for multiple digital publications in the past, The Loop Sports team of writers know all too well what it’s like to be pressured to write gimmicky articles, at the expense of the quality of work.

Here at The Loop Sports, the mission is Quality over quantity, always.

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