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The British Open For Idiots – Best Bets, DFS Targets, Prop Plays for the 2019 British Open

cheerio, let’s get some tea! We can revel about the Royal Family and debate Brexit. We’ll screw with the guards at Buckingham Palace, discuss how great roundabouts are, and rant about how Americans know nothing about classic rock or football. Doesn’t this sound splendid, mum?

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FANTASY FOOTBALL 2019 – 5 Position Battles to Watch in Camp

The wave is building as it starts appearing in sight. You can feel it in every fiber of your body. The ground starts trembling. The sounds accompanying are as much distinct as they are glorious. As the wave approaches, the excitement portion in our brains start firing off. We need that wave to arrive so it can wash away the heat of summer. We crave that feeling.